My Journey.

As a recent graduate amidst a pandemic, unsure of where to go next, I decided I needed an alternative route in life. I couldn’t be stuck on that nine to five, corporate ladder. So I sold my belongings, left my job, and hit the road with my partner for what I thought was only going to be a six month journey across the United States. I was in search of myself, this thing called purpose and the thing that I would want to get out of bed in the morning for. And with a little travel and a little time, I actually found it.

For the first time in my life, I was completely separated from outside influences and the previous pressures of school that made me think I needed to be a certain version of myself to be successful. I thought I needed to make a career out of photography because that is what my degree said. I knew for awhile that that was not what I wanted, but I was unable to admit it to myself. Yes, I still enjoy taking the occasional photograph throughout my travels, but what I really love is making books. I love the part after the photographs are made, where I can arrange them, sequence them and give it all meaning. Which brought us to our first entrepreneurial endeavor, Honeybell Press, a small press and publisher of contemporary photography books located inside our RV. It was shortly after, that I first began freelancing and designing books for other people. From family photo albums to mushroom identification books, it felt good to design a book around something that was special and meaningful to the other person, to give them a keepsake they can hold onto.

My journey reawakened something inside me, and for the first time since I started school, I truly know who I am. I also re-discovered my previous love for Jewelry, the joy of making with my hands, and I became more in touch with my passion for living a more sustainable lifestyle. I have combined all of these passions of traveling, creating, and sustainability into a brand called, travel & thyme. But most importantly, the beginning of this life-long road trip made me realize I am so much more than just a photographer. Because life is too short to just be one thing.

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