Within the past nineteen years I have moved twelve times, lived in ten different houses, seven towns, and three states. Out of all the houses I have lived in, this is one of the few that I have considered a home. It sits on top of steep hill nuzzled between trees in the hills of Boston, New York. It was the place of childhood­—innocent games of hide and seek, family room blanket forts, trampoline shows, and summer bonfires.

My family purchased the land in 1999 and began building in the early 2000s. We lived there for eight years before moving out, moving back in, moving out, moving back in, and moving out again for the last time in August 2011. Around 2009 our home went into foreclosure. It continues to sit vacant, a vessel for our left behind belongings and family memories.

This project is a juxtaposition between found photographs, documents and present day photographs taken in 2017.